About Us

gift me up

Hi there, I’m Jodie, founder & CEO of Gift Me Up.

Creating unforgettable & unique ways to make customers & employees feel valued & appreciated is something of which runs through my veins. Before taking the plunge & launching my business, I was in Sales Management for 10 years. What that means is I really do understand that ensuring your customer experience is unforgettable, & making your employees feel like their efforts are noticed & appreciated, goes a lot further than you can imagine. What I also understand is that at times budgets can be stretched, which is why I have created a thoughtful, budget friendly way to get noticed.

The best way to describe our brand is “corporate, with personality” at times the word “corporate” can mean serious, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve always been a firm believer when it comes to work it’s incredibly important to of course remain professional at all times, but to have fun along the way. This is something of which is reflected in our products & services.

jodie harris