Client Gifts: Benefits of Gifting Corporate Customers at Christmas

Beyond being a sweet gesture, gift-giving is an undeniably powerful strategy for business growth. The primary reason for its efficacy lies in the psychology of receiving gifts. Gifts convey the sentiment of a relationship — essentially making your feelings tangible. The recipient feels appreciated and valued.

When you give corporate gifts to clients, you relay the importance of that relationship and the extent to which you value their business. 

If leveraged correctly, gift-giving can be a growth accelerator and a critical component of your business’s marketing strategy.

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4 Reasons You Should Give Your Clients Corporate Gifts at Christmas

There are possibly more than a dozen reasons giving a client gifts is worthwhile; most of these benefits are rooted in accelerating growth and can be divided into four overarching themes.

1. Build and Maintain Client Loyalty

Most businesses have to deal with one truth: there are a finite number of clients. Irrespective of your industry, product or service, you’re limited by the number of individuals or businesses. Your competitors know this and are fighting for their share of that finite number, as are you. 

Growth is often associated with expanding beyond your current client base to attract new clients. Yet sustainable growth can only be achieved if you hold onto your existing customer base while pursuing new clients. 

Often, in the pursuit of growth, businesses neglect their loyal clients reducing retention and impeding growth. Giving a client gifts enables your business to mend, build, or maintain a good relationship with your existing clients, making them less likely to abandon loyalty to your business to use or a competitor. 

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Essentially, the gift becomes the perfect way to extend the lifetime value of a customer.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Corporate Christmas gifts are the best way to increase brand awareness during the most active retail season. 

Assuming clients will remember your business during the end-of-year rush is naive. Being inundated with advertising and the busyness of the year-end, your most loyal clients may forget to pop in, call your business for some services, or recommend your company to friends and family. 

Sending a corporate Christmas gift is a friendly reminder that your business should be their number-one choice during the season without making a client feel as though they’re being solicited or forced to open their wallets the way the average flyer or Christmas card would. 

Creating a positive link to your business improves your brand image. 

3. Advertise for Cheap

Branded corporate gifts are the perfect complement to your year-end advertising strategy. Typically, online advertising increases in the fourth quarter, especially on Black Friday and within the 60 days before Christmas.

Traditional ads — radio, magazine, and newspaper ads — also tend to become more expensive closer to the festive season as advertisers vie for the best placement.

With the significant increase in the cost of advertising, corporate Christmas gifts are a far more affordable option. With a budget of less than £1000, you can gift more than 50 of your most loyal customers. Sent earlier in the season, you can encourage an end-of-year spending spree, especially if the gift is accompanied by a personalized offer to your business. 

A £20 spend to reward loyalty could lead to more spending by the recipient and their acquaintances or business associates during the festive season and into the new year, which could net you thousands in profit.

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4. Generate Quality Leads and Referrals

The unspoken rule about receiving gifts is that the recipient should always give back. Therefore, when you send corporate Christmas gifts, clients will either respond by spending or by recommending your business to others who’ll spend to show their appreciation for the gift. Most clients will also refer your business to friends and family who they feel will use your services or buy your products — usually with the caveat, “Tell them I sent you.” These types of referrals typically have the opportunity to become loyal customers without much convincing.

5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients to Increase Loyalty

To leverage the aforementioned benefits the gift you give is as important as the act of giving. 

If your goal is to ingratiate your business into the minds — and hearts — of your clients, use one of these cost-effective ideas. 

1. Branded Christmas Gift Box

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Sending a Christmas gift box means your customers get a variety of treats that personify the festive season; it’s also something easy to scale regardless of the type of business you have. You could send the gift box directly to customers or have them pick it up at your offices. 

2. Pamper Hamper

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A pamper hamper — one that includes luxury bath essentials like bath salts or bombs will be pleasing to a certain demographic within your clientele. If your business caters primarily to this demographic, a pamper hamper shows you care and helps your business increase associations with relaxation and reward, helping solidify a positive brand image.

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3. Branded stationery Set

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Branded stationery can be an excellent corporate Christmas gift for more professional clients. Branding the items means that whenever clients use the item they are reminded of your business. Therefore, it should be of superior quality; so that it has a positive association with your business. 

4. Travel Essentials

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Christmas is associated with travel, whether for a quick Christmas break with family or an international trip seeking warmer temperatures. A gift set with travel essentials is ideal mini dispensers,  a travel pillow, earplugs, and a travel towel will come in handy during a season when your clients could be stressed. 

5. Branded Daily Use Items

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If you’re willing to increase your corporate Christmas gift budget, branding daily use items like an embossed leather coin purse, multi-tool or branded mug or water bottle ensures your brand becomes a frequent part of your client’s lives. This daily reminder leverages the mere exposure effect that allows you to be the first business they think of whenever they need your product or services. These items also mean that others — your clients’ friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or family — are also exposed to your business.

The end-of-year rush won’t only affect your clients and customers but your business probably won’t have the time to create corporate Christmas gifts for clients. Thankfully, you can outsource the task with branded gift boxes created and curated by the team at Gift Me Up.