Top Affordable Gifts For Remote Employees

Top Affordable Gifts For Remote EmployeesAre there many employees in your organisation who are working remotely?

Most probably, yes.

Since the pandemic, a lot of individuals have been carrying out their work as remote workers. Some individuals are particularly hired as remote employees, not just for a short time duration but for as long as they work in the organisation.

This often occurs because organisations are enlarging across boundaries, and employees are working from all over the world. In many organisations, an individual working in one country can get a job in another. When such a situation occurs, organisations ask them to complete their work virtually.

So, when we talk about presents for remote employees, on any occasion like their birthdays, work anniversaries, employee appreciation day, and so on, ideas just don’t strike right.

Top Affordable Gifts For Remote Employees

Remote work provides various advantages to workers and managers, including better work-life balance, higher yield, and a good lifestyle. Yet, the lack of face-to-face communication is something that can prove challenging for overall engagement levels.

So, how can you develop engagement, trust, and reputation with remote employees? How do you appreciate their work and their contributions to the team? How do you convey your gratitude?

Let’s get to know these questions on how to engage remote employees in our blog. Sometimes the best approach to express how you see and value employees is with a present as a small gesture of your appreciation. Go through the blog for more details about employee appreciation gifts for remote employees.

Why are Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts Essential?

In addition to recognition and appreciation, substantial gifts can go a long way. As a manager, you can utilise them to make employees know they’re appreciated and valued in the organisation, even if they are not present physically in the office.

Employees appreciate having substantial gifts that remind them of what they put in all the effort for. As the head of the organisation, you should make sure that remote gifts for employees are customised, thoughtful, and perfect for each individual employee.

You should think of giving gifts to remote workers that enhance the mood and leverage engagement. Happy and content employees will show higher performance and yield, become unified team players, and contribute more to the organisation’s success.

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Why should you send a gift to remote employees?

With many teams still adapting to remote work, switching to hybrid, or just balancing changes from the Pandemic, employee burnout is high and morale low, leading to many employees reassessing their work opportunities.

That’s why companies are looking at their employee engagement strategy in a new way— putting people first by giving additional support for mental and physical well-being, recognising employees’ hard work and milestones, and celebrating employees whenever they can. That’s why meaningful tokens like a holiday gift resonate all the more, especially for remote teams.

Employee appreciation is a simple way to improve morale. Employee recognition programs have a direct relationship with retention and an employee who feels recognised is 63 percent more likely to stay with their current employer.

So recognise your employees with positive feedback and incentives and show your appreciation this year with a token of gratitude. And if you’re looking for ideas for the best gifts, especially for remote workers, look no further!

What to Consider When Giving a Gift to a Remote Employee    

If this is your first time gifting your employees, there are a few things to consider before deciding which virtual gifts to give your remote employees. There are three main goals of giving employees gifts. The perfect gift achieves the following:

  • To make the employees receiving the gifts happy and feel appreciated by their employers
  • To grow the relationship between the employer or team leader and their team members.
  • To make the employees feel unique and valued with gifts that are personalised and meaningful to them.

We have curated some guidelines for you to consider when choosing virtual gifts for your employees with these goals in mind. These guidelines will help you gift your employees effectively and avoid any awkwardness from giving inappropriate gifts to employees. Some of these factors include;

Taylor Gifts to Individuals    

Nothing makes a gift recipient happier than knowing that their gift was selected based on their unique passions and interests. The best gifts are tailored to the receiver’s tastes. Personalised gifts show your remote employees that you care enough about them to know their tastes and preferences.

Therefore take the time to know whom you are gifting and their preferences if you want your gift to achieve the goals mentioned above.

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Show Appreciation for Your Employees

It is essential to give gifts that symbolise how much you value your employees. Gifting people is not as simple as picking something and clicking purchase on Amazon. You have to make sure that the gift or gift box you choose communicates how much you value the services and contributions of that employee to your organisation.

Even if you don’t believe that you are communicating value, your employees will take it as your way of expressing how valuable they are to you.

Be Transparent    

It is important to be as transparent as possible when gifting your employees so there are no feelings of unfairness, corruption, or favouritism. For this, we would encourage you to make the gift-giving ceremonies public and open to everyone.

Top Affordable Gifts for Remote Employees

Below are a few ideas for Top Affordable Gifts for Remote Employees –

1.      Tree Gifts – Present your remote employees with portable small tree kit gifts to enhance your relationship with your employees. It is also a way to show your employees how much you care about the planet.

2.    Bamboo Accessories – Gift your employees with eco-friendly bamboo accessories like bamboo desk organisers or bamboo toothbrushes. It is a great way to show appreciation to your employees.

3.      Eco-friendly Food wraps – Corporate gifts like personalised eco-friendly food wraps represent sustainability and brand awareness among your employees.

4.     Washing Up Loofah – A Natural and sustainable loofah is great to gift employees to represent hygiene.

5.      Sustainable Chocolates – For employees who have a sweet tooth, it is a great idea to present them with environmentally friendly chocolates.

6.      Natural Aromatic Products – Gift your employees with natural aromatic products like soy Candles to make them feel relaxed and valued.

7.      Garden Seeds – For employees who care about greenery, it is a good idea to present them with sustainable herbal-age green seeds.

8.      Bath Soaks – Sustainable bath soaks represent hygiene and nature. Gifting your employees with bath soaks is a great idea to present your personality.

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9.  Cotton Face Cloths – Cotton face cloths represent how much you care about the skin of your employees. Employees feel your gesture towards them and they connect more with you.

Gift Me Up for Gifts for Remote Employees

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FAQs on Top Affordable Gifts for Remote Employees

Question1. How can I select gifts for presenting to employees?

Answer. Choose eco-friendly and thoughtful gifts for your employees. This adds value to your gifting and your employees feel your concern and appreciation. Sustainable products like organic beauty products, eco-friendly desk accessories, etc., are really great products for gifting your employees.

Question2. Are sustainable gifts a perfect choice for gifting employees?

Answer. Sustainable gifts are a perfect choice for gift employees. You can personalise your gift box according to your choice. Employees realise their significance and worth in your organisation and grow more interest in your business.

Question3. Is a tree kit a thoughtful gift?

Answer. Tree kit is a thoughtful gift that boosts positivity between you and your employees. Gifting tree kits to your employees as a gesture of appreciation is a great approach to retain employees and maintain relationships with them.