Dos And Don’ts For Client Gifts

Dos and Don’ts for Client Gifts – Presenting gifts to clients is a great approach to maintaining client relationships. Not only do they make your clients feel valued, but they also make them feel appreciated. In the corporate world, you may often find yourself stuck in a situation where you need to present a gift to the client. In occasions such as showing gratefulness to your client or just remembering your business venture with your client, client gifting is important.

It is very important to think about creative and sustainable corporate gifts for your clients. In case the presentation is not up to the mark, your gift can fire back and tear down your relationship with your clients. This would have a bad impact on your clients eventually they will show less interest in your business. This will make you lose your clientele.

The happiness of your clients is directly proportional to the growth of your business. Gifting in business represents your gratitude and how much you value your clients. It leverages the relationship between you and your clients. Thus, it is very important to choose the right and perfect gifts for your clients. In this blog, Gift Me Up will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of client gifting.

The Underlying Psychology Behind Client Gifting

Corporate gifting plays a vital role in building relationships with your clients and retaining those clients. It represents your token of appreciation for your clients. This helps showcase your business values and individuality among your clients. Also, this conveys how important your clients are for you. Clients realise their importance in your business and also support in developing a healthy professional relationship. Business gifting, therefore, improves client loyalty.

Corporate gifting is also a great approach to letting your clients know that you understand and value the hard work they have put into your business. Client gifting is related to boosting your morale and confidence, which generates a positive and healthy client attitude. There is no fixed time for sending gifts to your clients. For sending them a token of appreciation, it is always the right time. This generates a healthy relationship between you and your clients.

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Why is Client Gifting Important?

It is imperative to understand that businesses run on the relationships you maintain with your clients. Presenting clients with creative and sustainable gifts helps to strengthen your relationships with your clients. Your clients feel valuable and appreciated upon receiving gifts. This conveys your business in an optimistic light and improves your personality.

When you present your clients with personalised gifts with your brand logo, it helps to spread brand awareness of your business. For instance, gifting personalised office desk accessories with your brand logo printed on them to your clients makes your business a part of their workplace as well. This also helps to level up their opinion of you and creates an optimistic thought about your business. Presenting corporate gifts to your clients helps you attain more business from them and they invest more in your business. It also develops the connection between your business associates, thus gaining loyalty towards your business.

Dos And Don’ts For Client Gifts

The Do’s of Client Gifting

  • Check your client’s company policies – It is very important to check your client’s company policies before presenting them with a corporate gift. Some companies do not approve of gifting and they will send back your gift which might be rude to you. So before sending gifts to clients, research on their policies about corporate gifting is essential.
  • Consider your audience – Understanding your clients is a very crucial part of corporate gifting. To create a positive impression of your business on your clients, it is necessary for you to know your clients properly. Gifting them appropriate gifts will convey your attitude towards your clients. Clients will realise their importance in your business and show more interest.
  • Timing is Important – If you wish to send gifts to your clients on specific occasions, it is essential that you make arrangements for them beforehand so that you have a lot of time to order them. Also, adding a personalised note would make your gift outshine. Moreover, try and send out your gifts ahead of time for the clients to receive them on time.
  • Consider cultural differences – Showing respect towards the culture of your clients is essential. Different countries have different cultures and distinctive rules for client gifting. Basic research about gifting and cultures in the case of multi-national companies is quintessential. Clients recognise your respect towards their culture and develop a stronger bond with you.
  • Personalise your gifts – Incorporating a personalised hand-written note with gifts shows your individuality towards your clients. Printed cards do not tempt your clients and they show no interest in them whereas hand-written notes help to develop a bond with your clients.
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The Don’ts of Client Gifting

  • Over branding of the gifts – Your gifts should represent and portray your clients. Too much about your business will ruin the impact of the gift making your clients unhappy. So, it is necessary for you to exquisitely position your brand’s logo so that it looks appealing but not overly branded.
  • Over-the-top gifting – Gifts help to develop and maintain a strong connection with your clients. It is not necessary for you to give extravagant gifts to your clients. Minimalistic gifts put a lot of value on your clients as they are classy and simply elegant. Without a doubt, knowing your clients really well is important.
  • Gifting personal items – In order to build a personal connection with your clients, giving them gifts such as pieces of jewelry or outfits is strictly a ‘no’. Developing and balancing a sound professional relationship with your clients is essential. Keep in mind you should not overstep the limitations.
  • Don’t misspell your client’s names – Misspelling your client’s names is a major drawback in maintaining relationships with clients. It is important that you spell your clients’ names correctly. Simple and small gestures are appealing to clients and matter to them a lot.

Conclusion on Dos And Don’ts For Client Gifts

There are many factors to client gifting that depend on business to business. So, it is important to understand your clients and carefully select gifts for them. Convey appreciation to your clients through gifts from Gift Me Up. Gift your clients with personalised and sustainable gifts that help you to develop and maintain sound and healthy professional relationships.

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At Gift Me Up, you can customise your gift boxes according to your choice. From a wide range of collections of Ready-made boxes to Build-your-Own gift boxes, Gift Me Up has it all for all your preferences and specifications. Planning to gift your clients with minimalistic gestures that show appreciation for them? Reach out to Gift Me Up to plan, customise, and choose gifts according to your requirements.

FAQs on Do’s & Don’ts of Client Gifting

Question1. What is the most important aspect of client gifting?

Answer. Knowing your client is a very important aspect of client gifting.

Questio2. How does Gift Me Up help in client gifting?

Answer. Gift Me Up has a range of ready-made gift boxes and build-your-own gift boxes that can be personalised according to your needs.