Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Hampers

Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Gift HampersA corporate gift hamper is a great way to show your staff that you care about them and their wellbeing. It can also be a fun way to celebrate special occasions or show staff appreciation. When you give your employees or clients a gift, they usually feel cared for and more connected to the organisation.

There is a lot to consider when picking your employee gift box such as what your team wants to receive, what message you want to send, and what your company’s values are. Sending an employee gift box gives your team an opportunity to start conversations which can help create positive relationships within the workplace. Whether you are looking for something specific or want to surprise your employees with something unexpected, corporate gift hampers are the perfect solution!

Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Hampers

Choosing A Sustainable Corporate Gift Hamper For Your Clients And Employees

With sustainability becoming more and more important in recruitment, it is no wonder that employees expect sustainable corporate hampers that create a social impact. Not only are these gifts a great way to show your commitment to the sustainability of the company you work for, but they are also a great way to keep your employees and clients happy and engaged. Not only is that, but corporate gift hampers made from sustainable materials are much more environmentally friendly. So if you are looking for a gift that your employees will appreciate, think about giving them hampers filled with products each with inspiring social stories!

Sustainable Corporate Gift Hampers

Employees expect corporate gift hampers to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only do they want the gift to have a low environmental impact, but they also want it to have a story of creating a positive social impact on communities. This is because employees want to feel good about giving back to the company and want to see it being used in a way that is both sustainable and ethical.

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To make sure that the hampers both create an environmental and social impact, you have to choose sustainable corporate hampers from enterprises like Gift Me Up. Choose a company that offsets the carbon from delivery, is a living wage employer, uses products inside the gift hampers with inspiring social stories, and creates job opportunities for those who need them most. This will make unique and special gifts that will wow your team.

Tips to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Hampers

When looking for corporate gift hampers for your customers, participants in your business event, virtual meeting, incentive group, or employees, there are numerous considerations when choosing corporate gift hampers.

Choose a corporate gift hamper that you would be happy to receive. If you feel the gift is just another cheesy promotional tool, chances are the recipients will feel the same. Choose something you like. Choose only products that you would love to receive!

Choose qualityWhether it is a gadget or a gourmet food basket, choose quality over quantity as the recipient will associate your company with this gift.
OriginalityBe original, but without overdoing it. You can miss the mark just as much by giving “yet another pen” as well as by gifting something that doesn’t suit the recipient’s profile at all. Why not consider more traditional or conventional items, in a classy, up-to-date version or with a modern twist?
PersonalisationIf you put your company name or logo on the gift, be subtle so people will use the gift. Consider putting your brand only on the packaging, not on the product itself.
Research Your ClientIf the recipient is from abroad, keep in mind some items could be culturally sensitive or prohibited to take back to their country. Investigate.
Choose an ExpertWork with an expert when choosing corporate gifts. At Gift Me Up, we can advise you on the best gift for your event, and we can personalise the gift, the packaging and the communication you wish to include.

What Message Do You Want To Send With Your Gift?

There is nothing like giving your employees a gift that shows you care. That is why it is important to choose the right corporate gift hampers for your organisation. The gifts you choose should be practical and affordable, but also stylish and memorable. Do not just give someone an ordinary hamper from a large chain; find something unique and memorable that ties in with the company’s culture or brand image.

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Consider what message you want to send with your gift and find the perfect option that embodies that theme. Are you wanting to show that you care about sustainability, the local community, or supporting small businesses? Sustainable corporate hampers are a great way to show your company’s values and personality to employees. You could also opt for a corporate gift from a local business, a woman-owned business, a social enterprise, or a minority-owned business. So, whether you are looking to congratulate an employee on a great job or just want to show your support, sustainable corporate hampers are the perfect way to do it.

How Receiving A Gift Makes Your Team Feel A Part Of The Community

Giving and receiving gifts is a centuries-old tradition that has a lot of benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Whether you’re looking to make someone happy, feel part of a team, or show your appreciation, giving corporate gift hampers is a great way to achieve all of those goals. A recent study found that people who receive corporate gift hampers are more likely to like their boss, feel part of the team, and perceive themselves as contributing positively to the company culture. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your sustainable corporate gift hampers today!

When employees receive gift boxes, they expect them to be sustainable corporate gift hampers. Sustainable hampers contain gift items that are consumable, useful, and have a social impact. Corporate gift hampers that are sustainable help promote conversations around the environment, social enterprises, and social impact within the workplace.

If you are looking for a sustainable corporate gifting supplier that is a living wage employer, uses sustainable packaging materials, offsets the carbon from delivery, provides job opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment, is a registered social enterprise, female-owned, and selects products which are changing the world then look no further than Gift Me Up corporate gift hampers.

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FAQs on Tips to Choose The Right Corporate Gift Hampers

What to include in a gift hamper?

Popular gift choices include champagne, mugs, hand wash, tea towels, preserves, tea bags, chocolates, biscuits, candles, picture frames, potted plants or vases, and small home decorations.

How do you make a good gift hamper?

If you have some empty spaces, you can fill these with small items, like wrapped individual chocolates or biscuits, or even decorative items like silk flowers, anything that fits with your theme will work. You could also add in some sweet treats like hot chocolate, or a gourmet food gift box to fill the gaps.

How do you make a hamper look impressive?

Adding the finishing touches

Classic wicker hampers and gift boxes with lids don’t need much dressing; a complementary satin ribbon, tied in a bow and well-curated products are all you need. Wicker trays make great bases for hamper creation but will need to be finished with a cellophane or shrink-wrap bag.