Intern Appreciation: How Thoughtful Gifts Boost Intern Retention

Intern Appreciation: How Thoughtful Gifts Boost Intern Retention Internship programs are a budget-friendly way to discover and engage talented individuals for long-term employment. Internship programs can also assist in providing fresh ideas and opinions into a workplace, promote productivity, and offer worthy mentorship opportunities for already present employees.

To capture quality interns, internship programs must offer practical real-world experience and appropriate compensation. Internships should also be well-organised and captivating.

Gifts for interns (comprising welcome gifts for interns and internship care packages) are the main aspect of keeping them captivated and expressing your appreciation. Thoughtful intern gifts that are worthy of a social media share can also assist in improving employer branding and talent acquisition efforts.

Why Presenting Gifts to Interns Are Important?

As a head, one of your main responsibilities is to handle your team with motivation and keep them productive, regardless of their job designation. This comprises everyone, from top supervisors to entry-level interns.

Encouraging your team is easy if you constantly and efficiently interact with them, but it can become a tough task if neglected. This is particularly true for interns, who often aren’t there for annual rewards and appreciation reviews and may not be entitled to bonuses or raises.

However, presenting them with a small and thoughtful gift can be an impacting way to present your appreciation and keep them encouraged. You can give them something when they initially join the team, during vital milestones, or even as a farewell gift.

Here are some of the reasons why presenting gifts to interns should be part of your corporate gifting:

  • Building camaraderie: A thoughtful gift, specifically one in accordance with the organisation or job, can assist interns in giving a feel as if they belong there and are part of the team.
  • Showing appreciation: Interns are mostly given boring tasks, but these jobs still require to be fulfilled. By displaying gratitude to them through a gift, you can impose on them that their work is valued and appreciated.
  • Encouraging loyalty: If an intern proves to be a great fit and is given a job, a small, thoughtful gift can motivate them to take the offer and stay committed and loyal to the organisation. Given the investment in training interns, it’s valuable to consider such ideas to help retain talent.
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Thoughtful Gifts to Boost Intern Retention

It greatly relies on your organisation’s personal budget for making a choice of gifts. Presenting budget-friendly thoughtful gifts is also a great idea for small businesses. Reward your interns with mesmerising and rare thoughtful gifts to motivate them to work with accuracy and dedication. Mentioned below are a few examples of thoughtful sustainable gifts for your interns.

  • Nature-friendly Cotton Face Cloth – Presenting eco-friendly facecloths to interns is a wonderful marketing tool for your organisation.
  • Reusable Bath Soaks – Bath soaks are present in a lot of options. They are a wonderful option for gifting to your interns.
  • Seed Planting Kits – It is an amazing idea to present your interns with greenery. It encourages positivity among the interns and other team members.
  • Bamboo Accessories –  Bamboo toothbrushes are totally plastic-free and it is a remarkable representation of gifting.
  • Eco-friendly Snacks and Chocolates – Give foodie treats to your interns by appreciating them with environmentally-friendly snacks and chocolates.
  • Nature-friendly Notebooks – Organic and nature-friendly notebooks prepared from organic materials are a thoughtful gift for your interns.
  • Eco-friendly Food Wraps – Eco-friendly food wraps assist your interns in keeping their food hot and hygienic.
  • Sustainable Aromatic products – Wonderful and sustainable candles are a remarkable idea to gift your interns.

Thus, gifting thoughtful gifts to your interns helps you highlight your individuality as an organisation, your values, and your principles. Organisations should consider making thoughtful gifting a priority to eliminate carbon footprints. It is a remarkable initiative to encourage nature and organic products. In this blog, we have shared examples of thoughtful sustainable gifts to give your interns.

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Gift Me Up| Your Companion to Boost Intern Retention

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Gift Me Up offers a large range of services that include the following –

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We believe in conveying our responsibilities with on-time delivery. Also, we offer you the best client experience and satisfaction. Gift Me Up is your gifting companion to present the best sustainable gift boxes to your interns, clients, employees, team members, and business associates.


Want a remarkable and unique gift to appreciate your interns but don’t know what to gift? Gift Me Up has brought you a vast range of sustainable and thoughtful gift boxes that are a rare and innovative collection of gift boxes. Sustainable gifts can be used again and are organic by nature. Get hold of your box of sustainable gifts with Gift Me Up. It is a very time-consuming and challenging task to select gifts that portray your individuality but with Gift Me Up, you can conveniently choose your gift box effortlessly and save your time.

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FAQs on Intern Appreciation: How Thoughtful Gifts Boost Intern Retention

  1. What should I present to my intern?

There are various ways to express appreciation to your intern through gifts such as customised merchandise or water bottles.

  • Is it necessary to present your intern with a gift?

While it’s not necessary, presenting gifts for interns is a wonderful approach to show your appreciation, boost their confidence, and accelerate their chances of accepting your job offer. Plus, even a small token of your appreciation can go a long way, particularly if it’s something customised.

  • What do you present as a gift to an intern on the last day?

Selecting a perfect gift for your intern on their last day can be challenging. But you could go for something that encourages their professional growth. Present your interns with gifts such personalised aromatic candles, brand merchandise, and more.

  • How do I welcome my Intern?

To assist interns to feel valued, keep them on par with other team members. Welcome them warmly, get to know them more in their leisure time, focus and give attention to their hobbies, and think about giving them small gifts as a token of appreciation.