5 advantages of gifting employees Christmas gifts

Christmas is no longer a strictly religious holiday; instead, it has become an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for loved ones. At Christmastime, these emotions are expressed through gift-giving. The sentiment — and its medium —  extends to the corporate world, where your company can leverage the practical benefits of gift-giving by introducing thoughtful corporate Christmas gifts into company culture during the season. 

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5 Reasons to Give Your Employees Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas gifts can take on two forms: Uninspired and dutiful or deliberate and helpful. 

When they take on the latter, the gift produces a host of benefits that make the extra effort — and expense — worthwhile. 

Build Company Loyalty

There was a stage in recent history where an employee would spend most of their career working at one company. When it was common practice, that level of loyalty was often overlooked. Now that the average employee spends an average of five years working for the same company — and that figure continues to drop — emphasis is placed on employee retention. 

The corporate Christmas gift aids in building loyalty, especially during a season when many will rethink their career goals. 

The expense of a corporate Christmas gift is recouped through reducing employee turnover, as the present is a much-needed acknowledgement that the effort isn’t all for nought and that it is both noticed and valued. 

Increase Productivity

Although Christmas isn’t associated with productivity, the last month of the year often has the highest yield as employees dash to end the year on a *high note.

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A corporate Christmas gift can be the jolt employees need to remain motivated, re-energizing them in time to reach their fourth-quarter KPIs. 

Enrich Professional Relations

While corporate Christmas gifts can build loyalty, the benefit of employee retention is less impactful when employees aren’t engaged. Thankfully, corporate Christmas gifts have the benefit of getting employees engaged in their relationship with the company and peers. Similar to gifts from loved ones, the thought counts when giving corporate gifts. It shows that the company cares about the employee, a fundamental step to building rapport and improving communication.

Elevate Your Employees’ Mood

Not every employee has family and friends to spend the season with or will receive gifts at Christmastime. In such instances, receiving a corporate Christmas gift is mood-enhancing. These mood-enhancing feelings can extend to any employee feeling run down by the silly season. 

Improve Recruitment Efforts

Think of the corporate Christmas gifts you’re giving employees as marketing for your recruitment efforts. 

Most employees will share and may even post about their spoils online, ensuring your company makes a great impression on friends and acquaintances. 

While these benefits won’t be immediate, gifts are an excellent way to introduce your business to other professionals.

With a branded gift, your company can tap into the mere exposure effect during recruitment drives.

The mere exposure effect is a psychological term that describes developing familiarity and association with something — in this case, your business. 

What to Include in Your Corporate Christmas Hampers

Before you slap a branded pen and notebook on each employee’s desk or fruit and nut hamper, remember that to produce any of the aforementioned benefits a corporate Christmas gift should be deliberate and helpful.

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A branded pen and notebook are on the right track insofar as they contain your company branding. But to be effective, a gift should also be useful and experience-driven. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size corporate Christmas hamper that meets these requirements, which is why this list of what to include in your hamper should give you ideas for when you’re building yours. 

Then, you can share these ideas with a corporate gifting business. 

Branded Items

Branding is the nucleus of any corporate gift, including Christmas gifts. A gift can have as much meaning without branding, but many of the associated benefits evaporate when a gift is void of branding. 

Of course, branding doesn’t need to be on the gift; it can also be on the gift box, wrapping, ribbon, and card, with similar effects. 

Useful, Lasting Items

At one point, pens were the gift to give. That point is over, especially in a corporate Christmas hamper. Instead, consider what employees can use outside the office. A corporate Christmas gift that is only useful within the office — or when working — will have limited benefit to the company and the employee. 

Here is where function should take centre stage. A branded flask is perfect for travel, whether the journey is to work or to a holiday destination. 

Gifts That Create or Add to an Experience

Not every gift in a corporate Christmas hamper needs to be tangible. A gift card to a local coffee shop, a two-night stay at a resort location, or a gifted experience are corporate Christmas gift ideas that create an experience. But the budget need not be a two-night stay worth. Employees who are frequent travellers would enjoy an eye mask, luggage covers, and luggage tags, all of which can be branded and enhance the travel experience. 

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An Item That is Regiftable

You don’t want a loved one to regift a gift, but you certainly want an employee to regift parts of the corporate hamper, as it taps into the mere exposure effect. If the item is useful for most people, even if the employee already has something similar, the gift should possess the kind of quality that enables the recipient to pass it along to a friend or family member and not a charity shop. 

Something an Employee Won’t Purchase for Themselves 

Excluding the handful of spendthrift employees, the best gift is one you don’t think to get yourself, not only where the expense can’t be justified but where you couldn’t be bothered. These are the kind of gifts that, while cost-effective for the company, have the greatest impact on the employee. They’re the gifts that are most appreciated and frequently be one the most used. 

Now that you understand the importance of building the ideal corporate Christmas hamper, it’s time to partner with a company that will help bring those ideas to life and deliver a memorable experience for the office.