Using Sustainable Business Gifts to Attract the Conscious Customer

Using Sustainable Business Gifts to Attract the Conscious Customer – In the last decade, consumer motivations have changed, especially among millennials. Price isn’t the only motivator when determining where to buy; shoppers are searching for a feel-good sensation that their purchase is helping the greater good. This desire has accelerated eco-awakening in every sector across the globe.

The eco-awakening is a term describing the rise in consumers shopping with sustainability in mind; first considered a novelty, it has graduated to a necessity, leading more businesses to leverage sustainability in every aspect of their business — enter sustainable corporate gifts.

Using Sustainable Business Gifts to Attract the Conscious Customer

What is Sustainable Corporate Gifting & Why is it Important?

Sustainable corporate gifting entails giving customers sustainable, eco-friendly gifts that are long-lasting and beneficial to the environment.

Data from the World Economic Forum shows that online searches for sustainable products have increased by 70% since 2016. 

Consumers want to know that the products they’re purchasing or the company they’re supporting with their hard-earned cash is mindful of the environment, embracing eco-friendly practices and purpose over profits.

This data explains why sustainable corporate gifting is becoming essential: businesses can only reach this growing population of ethical shoppers with an eco-friendly story.

4 Benefits of Sustainable Corporate Gifting for Businesses

Gifting clients and customers is always beneficial to building loyalty, increasing a customer’s lifetime value, and boosting sales. It’s also an excellent marketing tool, requiring little investment to lure potential customers to your store or business, especially during the holiday season.

Sustainable corporate gifting enables your business to access the previous benefits and four more that only apply to eco-friendly business gifts.

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Develop a Positive Corporate Image

The most significant benefit of sustainable corporate gifts is that they help establish a positive corporate image. 

  • By choosing to gift sustainable products, your business shows its commitment to the environment, which consumers consider when assessing how their actions impact the environment. 
  • Using sustainable corporate gifts, you show customers and employees that your business prioritises the planet’s survival over profits in one of the most kind-hearted methods: gift-giving.
  • Once you’ve established a positive corporate image, you can use it to increase brand awareness and attract environmentally-conscious clients, invigorating your bottom line with a simple gesture of goodwill.

Reach a Growing Spend-Thrift Demographic

Although going green entails advocacy for the environment, many of the cause’s supporters have deeper pockets than the average consumer or are willing to spend more on products if they feel they’ll positively impact the environment.

Giving green and environmentally-friendly items as gifts can attract this demographic to your business. Of course, gift-giving alone will build loyalty among this group, but by gifting an item that fulfils their desires, you’re building your business in their hearts, minds, and likely social media posts.

But it’s not only a small demographic — a percentage of consumers — going green but consumers in general.

Studies show nearly 50 per cent of consumers prefer purchasing more sustainable products or from a sustainable brand, requiring businesses to insert sustainability into their business practices to compete.

Save Money on Traditional Gifts

Another benefit of sustainable corporate gifts is that they’re typically more cost-effective over the long term. Although they may seem more expensive than traditional gifts, they are often made to be durable. This means they do not need to be replaced or gifted as frequently, reducing the overall cost.

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Additionally, many sustainable products can be purchased or gifted in bulk, reducing the overall cost.

Businesses also reduce the amount they’re spending on corporate gifts because of their lasting nature, meaning rather than gifting clients on a quarterly — or more frequent — basis, your business can give clients a sustainable gift once a year and have the gift’s purpose remind them of your business without any extra expense.

A sustainable gift takes on the cost of remarketing without the cost.

Impact the Environment

Another significant benefit of sustainable corporate gifts is their positive environmental impact. By choosing products made from sustainable materials, companies can help reduce the amount of waste that ends in landfills. This is important because landfills constitute a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. In addition, sustainable products often have a smaller carbon footprint, as they require less energy to produce and transport. This means using sustainable corporate gifts can help reduce a company’s overall carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.

How to Select Appropriate Sustainable Gifts for Corporate Clients

To take advantage of giving green, you need to choose gifts that meet specific criteria. Gifts that tick these boxes will ultimately be the gift that keeps on giving your business profits.

Choose a Versatile Item

Versatility is essential when selecting any gift to include in a corporate hamper, but it becomes vital when giving green.

The type of green product you gift should be useful to any customer, regardless of gender, dietary needs, or other preferences.

Typically, the item shouldn’t just be made sustainably and eco-friendly at its core — consider plants the quintessence of green gifting.

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Consider Cost and Value

Often, greener products cost the same or less than a typical gift hamper but last far longer. Since these products keep or are used for longer, the benefits of giving these gifts also last longer, making them far more valuable than the average gift.

In marketing terms, a lasting gift will ensure that feelings of goodwill toward your business or brand are ever-present.

Assess Your Ideal Demographic’s Desires

Many of those captivated by the eco-awakening have become intrigued by ditching consumerism in favour of going green. This means they enjoy the experience a product gives rather than simply owning something.

Consider what eco-friendly items would add value to your customer’s life without clutter. Remember, the best gift will be one that your customer believes took thought and consideration because, in a disconnected society, it truly is the thought that counts.


If your business is working to appeal to eco-conscious consumers, sustainable corporate gifts are the best way to reach this demographic without overhauling your business and business practices.