Why Businesses Should Gift New Homeowners: Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming gifts are the best way to welcome friends, family, and neighbours into their new space.

But with homeowners expected to receive dozens of housewarming gifts, you want to be sure you’re buying something that isn’t tacky, especially given that your relationship with the homeowner — business to customer — is unique. This relationship also means the gesture of gifting comes with a fine line between overstepping a boundary and strengthening the relationship.

Thankfully, this guide should help you understand why your business should give housewarming gifts and the gifts that give you the most bang for your buck.

Why Businesses Should Gift New Homeowners: Housewarming Gift Ideas

Why Businesses Should Buy Housewarming Gifts

New homeowners expect housewarming gifts from their friends and family, often responding to the gesture with a message of gratitude and an invitation to a housewarming party. Businesses can tap into those feelings of gratitude by distributing housewarming gifts to new homeowners. In fact, housewarming gifts have several use cases for businesses, including:

AdvertisingAdvertising can lose its potency, given how frequently people are exposed to ads. Gifts, however, aren’t as easy to ignore. Instead, they leave a lasting impression on any existing or prospective client who receives them.
Relationship BuildingGifts are an excellent resource to reinforce the business relationship you want with a customer. It shows that you — and, by extension, your business — appreciate that the client is an individual with distinct needs rather than a commodity you can exploit for profit. That differentiation ingratiates them to you, guaranteeing your professional relationship is healthy and established through loyalty.
Referral GeneratingIt’s human nature to reciprocate the goodwill of the giver once you receive a gift, even if the gift wasn’t intended to invoke that desire. Nevertheless, you can tap into that element of human nature by giving a housewarming gift that sparks a willingness to recommend or refer your business or service to friends and family, especially in cases where the gift is given at the end of a transaction.

Who Should Buy New Homeowners a Housewarming Gift?

Although many businesses can benefit from seasonal gift-giving, few can leverage housewarming gifts to generate new business or encourage repeat business. 

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Estate Agents

Your work as an estate agent continues after a home purchase; relationship building is essential to expanding your clientele and finding buyers and sellers; gift giving is the ideal way to establish that connection. 

Mortgage Lenders

As a mortgage lender, once you issue the loan, you have to manage the relationship for 25 more years. Therefore, a housewarming gift is an excellent way to guarantee those years are profitable, and it can also ensure homeowners are more likely to be loyal to your business.

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers and advisors rely on the three Rs — referrals, recommendations, and reviews. These three Rs guarantee you can scale your business with a steady stream of clients.

To get those reviews, referrals, or recommendations, you need to build trust; the best way to do that is to establish trust, which you can accomplish by delivering a housewarming gift in the days or months after a new homeowner moves in. 


If homeowners have moved to another location or into a bigger home, they’ll likely be on the market for a new landscaper. While other local ads could get your business recognition, nothing makes your business stand out quite like a housewarming gift and is likely going to result in a callback.


Electricians are other tradespeople that can benefit from housewarming gifts. They serve as a cost-effective way to market your services. 


Whether it’s a full remodel, a few renovations, or repairs, homeowners are likely to require a builder to meet their needs.

A local builder can introduce their business and services to new homeowners with a housewarming gift.

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Hassle-Free Housewarming Gift Ideas: What to Buy and Not to Buy

Businesses have a different connection to homeowners than those with a personal relationship. Therefore, you should avoid these no-go options. 

What Not to Buy

There’s a set of unspoken rules about gift-giving strangers. 


While they’re the typical housewarming gifts to give those you aren’t that close to, the standard bouquet isn’t very memorable, meaning your business — like the arrangement — will be forgotten.

Ornaments and Decor

Ornaments and home decor are more ill-advised Housewarming gift ideas. These gifts can infringe on the style and taste of the homeowner and have very little connection to your business. 

Kitchen Gadgets 

Estate agents or mortgage lenders who are at the start of building a long business relationship with first-time buyers may be tempted to splurge on gifts like appliances or gadgets. Unfortunately, these are often a waste of money. Not only are many first-time buyers upgrading from a rental home, where they’ve already acquired the necessities, but they also have preferences. So even something small like a chopping board is likely to be shoved to the back of a cupboard and forgotten. 

What to Buy

For businesses, a housewarming gift should always be: cost-effective, branded, and personalised.

Branded Gift Boxes

sustainable corporate gifts

To ensure you’re leveraging the benefits mentioned above, you’ll need the box and items within the gift to feature your brand prominently but not in a tacky way.

The Gift Me Up selection of housewarming gift hampers includes a branded box and a “congratulations” card.

Personalised Variety

corporate gift ideas for employees

Something like the “Congratulations on your new home” for £21.95 is an excellent example of the variety and personalisation a housewarming gift should offer.

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The hamper — which includes prosecco gummies, coffee, tea, and checklist, among other treats — is an excellent gift as it ensures there’s something or many things for the recipient to enjoy. It also allows you to repeat the gift from homeowner to homeowner.

For gift ideas, why not check out our ready-to-order gift boxes? 

Why are housewarming gifts important?

Ans: The purpose of a housewarming gift is to congratulate and support the homeowners in their new chapter. It symbolizes well-wishing, bringing positive energy to the space and making the new occupants feel welcomed and appreciated.

What to gift someone who has bought a new house?

The list of a few best housewarming gifts includes stylish photo frames, a designer key holder, bath towels, a money plant, a table lamp, etc. You can choose the gifts based on the taste and style of your loved one.

Are housewarming gifts mandatory?

If you are attending a housewarming party, bringing a gift is considered to be proper housewarming party etiquette. Your gift doesn’t need to be over the top; simply asking the homeowner what they need or would like will work just fine.

How do I choose a housewarming gift?
  • Unique Home Décor. Surprise them with a unique piece of home décor that makes their new space more comfortable and inviting.
  • Something for the Home Bar. When you want to get them a gift that’s a little more spirited, a fun new item for their home bar is a great choice!
  • Take it Outdoors.
  • Practical and Thoughtful.